Mara, Vol. 1

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Mara, Vol. 1


Содержание книги Mara, Vol. 1. Mara stops at nothing to get to the truth, even meting out her own swift - and sexy - justice. In this, her first case, in an Agatha Christie like enclosed environment, namely a mansion where a group of guests come together, a member of the group turns up dead. She loves to solve murder mysteries for real using every wile available to her, including her overpowering sexuality. Mara is one sassy mystery writer, who loves her thrillers.

Лебский, Максим Курды. Потерянные на Ближнем Востоке

Терафим совершенства

Усачёв, Андрей Алексеевич Умная собачка Соня

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    Длинные висячие усы делали его худое лицо скорбным.

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