Annies Promise

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Annies Promise


Содержание книги Annies Promise. And Annie Manon has come home to the North-east to keep a promise. A compelling and moving novel of life in war-torn 1950s Northumberland and London. When Sarah leaves home for London, Annie is torn between love for her only child and the need to keep her promise to her community... In the mid-1950s, Britain looks forward to a prosperous future. As well as her painful wartime memories, Annie must cope with an accident that cripples her husband and she must deal with the increasingly unreasonable behaviour of their daughter Sarah. But not everything is rosy. Annie is eager to start a new life for her family, and with her fledgling fashion business, she looks forward to providing work for the women of Wassingham.

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    Или до Армагеддона, как повезёт. Хоть бы что-нибудь детям о городе рассказала, привлекла их внимание.

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