Usagi Yojimbo: Book 5: Lone Goat and Kid

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Usagi Yojimbo: Book 5: Lone Goat and Kid


Содержание книги Usagi Yojimbo: Book 5: Lone Goat and Kid. Frost and Fire and The Way of the Samurai provide the psychological drama of this volume, which is rounded out by one of the most unique Usagi tales ever, A Kite Story, which doubles as a fascinating look at the daily life and work of a 17th century Japanese kite maker, dramatically showcasing the thoroughness of Sakais research and his skills as a storyteller. This fifth volume collects the epic-length Blood Wings, in which Usagi battles a fearsome clan of ninja bats, while Lone Goat and Kid offers a cunning and affectionate parody of the famous Lone Wolf and Cub manga while doubling as one of Usagis most dramatic and heartfelt adventures. Featuring a foreword by the legendary Stan Lee!

Константинова Е., Раева М., Ядринцева О., Яковлева А. (худ.) Русские сказки 2

Сахаров В. Ройхо Ваирский. Роман

Джо Аберкромби Полмира

Профилирование лопаток авиационных газовых турбин

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  1. anicia_90 says:

    Интересно было почитать, но немного суховато написано. Продолжение прочту :)

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