Diary of a Bad Year

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Diary of a Bad Year


Содержание книги Diary of a Bad Year. An utterly contemporary and deeply thought-provoking novel which addresses the profound unease of countless people in modern democracies around the world. What, he asks, is the origin of the state and the nature of the relationship between citizen and state? When he discovers she is between jobs he claims failing eyesight and offers her work typing up his manuscript. An eminent, seventy-two-year-old Australian writer is invited to contribute to a book entitled Strong Opinions. He writes short essays on the origins of the state, on Machiavelli, on anarchism, on Al-Qaida, on intelligent design, on music. How does the state handle outsiders? Her boyfriend, Alan, an investment consultant who understands the world in harsh neo-liberal economic terms, has reservations about his trophy girlfriend spending time with this 1960s throwback. Anya has no interest in politics but the job provides a distraction, as does the writers evident and not unwelcome attraction toward her. It addresses the profound unease of countless people in democracies across the world. In the laundry-room of his apartment block he encounters an alluring young woman. Diary of a Bad Year is an utterly contemporary work of fiction from one of our greatest writers and deepest thinkers. Taking a lively interest in his affairs, Alan begins to formulate a plan. It is a chance to air some urgent concerns. How should the citizen of a modern democracy react to the states willingness to set aside moral considerations and civil liberties in its war on terror, a war that includes the use of torture?

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